In the top half of the draw, the host’s co-owner, sponsor, and defending champion, Martin Kirby, proved too strong for his opponents. Corner made light work of his first two opponents, beating the Old Ball Hotel’s Ryan Flynn...

Martin Kirby 2 v 0 Ryan Flynn
...and the Brooklands ‘A’s Damian Grote without dropping a frame.
Martin Kirby 2 v 0 Damian Grote
Martin’s quarter-final opponent was Sam Mills from Rileys Rehab, and whilst he put up more of a fight than his predecessors, he too was despatched, albeit by a more respectable 2-1 scoreline.
Martin Kirby 2 v 1 Sam Mills
In the other half of the top draw, The Weavers Arms Billy White had also dropped just the one frame en route to the semi-final, in his opening match against the City Howiters representative, Jayson Holloway.
Billy White 2 v 1 Jayson Holloway
The Highway’s Ian Hallinan...
Billy White 2 v 0 Ian Hallinan
...and Rileys No SQ’s Paul Stubbs were both brushed aside 2-0, so setting up the semi-final clash with Martin, and giving Billy his chance for revenge.
Billy White 2 v 0 Pul Stubbs
In the bottom half of the draw, the Craftsman ‘A’s Glenn Dunn went one better than he had in the Captains Knock-out, to give himself the chance of adding a fourth Aggregate Knock-out title to his list of accolades. Dunny, who last won the title a decade ago, was pushed all the way in his first two matches, first edging a narrow 2-1 win over Rileys captain Jamie White...
Glenn Dunn 2 v 1 Jamie White
...followed by another narrow victory over the Spencer Club’s Frank Beechey by the same scoreline.
Glenn Dunn 2 v 1 Frank Beechey
The Sphinx Club’s Carl Gilder was the next left scratching his head, as Glenn booked his semi-final place with a 2-0 win.  A disappointing result for Carl, given that he had just beaten last year’s Singles runner-up, Dave Neary, by the same 2-0 scoreline. 
Glenn Dunn 2 v 0 Dave Neary
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Jon McAllister   v   tbc
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Jon McAllister   v   tbc
match report coming soon
Jon McAllister   v   tbc