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The Philip Larkin pool team at
The Philip Larkin
The Burges
Coventry CV1 1HN
West Midlands
Tel : 0121 272 5499
Team Captain : Mark Higgins
Tel : 077717 144421
Vice Captain : John B ???
Tel : 07729 548765
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age restrictions : no info given
Wheelchair Friendly? : yes
Registered Players
player players name register date signature under 18
1 Mark Higgins pre season yes  
2 Robert Bicker pre season yes  
3 Harvey Matthews pre season yes  
4 Warren Bagley pre season no  
5 Katy O'Beirne pre season yes  
6 Mick Pa ??? pre season yes yes
7 Irene O'Beirne pre season yes  
8 TomMcGrath pre season yes yes
9 John Ba ??? pre season yes  
10 Angus McLean pre season yes yes
11 Wayne Henry pre season no  
12 Allix Grant pre season no  
13 Andrew Jones pre season yes  
14 Bobby Boyne pre season no  
15 Ryan Flynn pre season no  
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This Season's Fixtures & Results
Date Home Team Pts Pts Away Team Result
Jun 10 Walsgrave Warriors 0 v 8 Philip Larkin W
Jun 17 Philip Larkin 4 v 4 Hub D
Jun 24 Broadstreet Social   v   Philip Larkin  
Jul 08 Philip Larkin 4 v 4 Craftsman 'C' D
Jul 15 Barras Green 8   v   Philip Larkin  
Jul 22 Philip Larkin   v   Cherry Tree  
Aug 12 Bulls Head   v   Philip Larkin  
Sep 02 Wheatsheaf 'B'   v   Philip Larkin  
Sep 09 Philip Larkin   v   Minstrel Boy  
Sep 23 Philip Larkin   v   New Parkgate  
Sep 30 Railway   v   Philip Larkin  
Oct 28 Philip Larkin   v   Walsgrave Warriors  
Nov 04 Hub   v   Philip Larkin  
Nov 11 Philip Larkin   v   Broadstreet Social  
Dec 02 Craftsman 'C'   v   Philip Larkin  
Dec 09 Philip Larkin   v   Barras Green 8  
Jan 06 Cherry Tree   v   Philip Larkin  
Jan 13 Philip Larkin   v   Bulls Head  
Jan 27 Philip Larkin   v   Wheatsheaf 'B'  
Feb 03 Minstrel Boy   v   Philip Larkin  
Feb 24 New Parkgate   v   Philip Larkin  
Mar 16 Philip Larkin   v   Railway