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The Wheel pool team at
The Wheel
665 Sewall Highway
Coventry CV6 7JE
West Midlands
Tel : 024 7627 0305
Team Captain : Andy Peck
Tel : 07743 345121 (Bill - Landlord)
Vice Captain : Stewart Forbes
Tel : 07837 494055
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age restrictions : no
Registered Players
player players name register date signature under 18
1 Andy Peck 25-Jul yes  
2 Stewart Forbes      
3 B Fletcher 25-Jul yes  
4 S Biggerstaff 25-Jul yes  
5 P D Brown 25-Jul yes  
6 M Hall 25-Jul yes  
7 W Quinn 25-Jul yes  
8 J Kearney 25-Jul yes  
9 W Kirton 25-Jul yes  
10 Andy Charles 25-Jul yes  
11 Martyn Watson 25-Jul yes  
12 Lee Cassidy 25-Jul yes  
13 Jack Griffiths 25-Jul yes  
14 Sean Fitzpatrick 25-Jul yes  
15 Dave Nestor 25-Jul yes  
16 Tom Habberton 25-Jul yes  
17 Joe Litchfield 25-Jul yes  
18 J Brandish 25-Jul yes  
19 D Gilder 25-Jul yes  
20 I Biggy 25-Jul yes  
21 N Nestor 25-Jul yes  
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This Season's Fixtures and Results
Date Home Team Pts Pts Away Team Result
Jun 06 Craven Street Club   v   Wheel  
Jun 13 Wheel   v   Minstrel Boy  
Jul 04 Royal Hotel   v   Wheel  
Jul 11 Wheel   v   Biggin Hall  
Jul 18 Broadstreet Social   v   Wheel  
Aug 01 Wheel   v   Hub  
Aug 08 Unicorn Elite   v   Wheel  
Aug 22 Wheel   v   Rose & Woodbine  
Sep 19 Craftsman 'C'   v   Wheel  
Sep 26 Walsgrave Warriors   v   Wheel  
Oct 24 Wheel   v   New Haven  
Oct 31 Wheel   v   Craven Street Club  
Nov 14 Minstrel Boy   v   Wheel  
Nov 28 Wheel   v   Royal Hotel  
Dec 12 Biggin Hall   v   Wheel  
Dec 19 Wheel   v   Broadstreet Social  
Jan 09 Hub   v   Wheel  
Jan 23 Wheel   v   Unicorn Elite  
Jan 30 Rose & Woodbine   v   Wheel  
Feb 13 Wheel   v   Craftsman 'C'  
Feb 27 Wheel   v   Walsgrave Warriors  
Mar 20 New Haven   v   Wheel