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RNB Grill @ New Haven pool team at
The New Haven
Watercall Avenue
West Midlands
Manager : Regi Kalarai
Tel : 024 7669 3666
Team Captain : Regi Kalarai
Tel : 07877 838709
Vice Captain : Jazz Bains
Tel : 07539 234496
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age restrictions : no info given
Wheelchair Friendly? : no info given
Registered Players
player players name register date signature under 18
1 Damian Donoghue pre season no  
2 Kevin McMurda pre season no  
3 Jazz Bains pre season no  
4 Gaz Sephton pre season no  
5 Steven McCarron pre season no  
6 Avatar Shoker pre season no  
7 Regi Kalarai pre season no  
8 Gurjinderpal Randhawa pre season no  
9 Shyan Johnson pre season no  
10 Danny Burn pre season no  
11 Manpreet Randhawa pre season no  
12 Rags Kang pre season no  
13 Jason Cornwall pre season no  
14 Geddis Murray pre season no  
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This Season's Fixtures & Results
Date Home Team Pts Pts Away Team Result
Jun 10 Rose & Woodbine 2 v 6 RNB Grill W
Jun 17 RNB Grill       Bye Bye
Jun 24 St Finbarrs 2 v 6 RNB Grill W
Jul 08 RNB Grill 3 v 5 Dunlop L
Jul 15 Jaguar Daimler 3 v 5 RNB Grill W
Jul 22 RNB Grill   v   Four Provinces  
Aug 12 RNB Grill 3 v 5 Riley's 7 L
Sep 02 Charterhouse 3 v 5 RNB Grill W
Sep 09 RNB Grill 3 v 5 Four Provinces 'B' L
Sep 23 Royal Warwicks   v   RNB Grill  
Sep 30 RNB Grill   v   Walsgrave WMC  
Oct 28 RNB Grill   v   Rose & Woodbine  
Nov 04 Bye       RNB Grill Bye
Nov 11 RNB Grill   v   St Finbarrs  
Dec 02 Dunlop   v   RNB Grill  
Dec 09 RNB Grill   v   Jaguar Daimler  
Jan 06 Four Provinces   v   RNB Grill  
Jan 13 Riley's 7   v   RNB Grill  
Jan 27 RNB Grill   v   Charterhouse  
Feb 03 Four Provinces 'B'   v   RNB Grill  
Feb 24 RNB Grill   v   Royal Warwicks  
Mar 16 Walsgrave WMC   v   RNB Grill