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The St Finbarrs pool team at
St Finbarrs Sports & Social Club
Holbrook Lane
West Midlands CV6 4DJ
Tel : 02476 937155
Team Captain : Krzysziof Kwiatkowski
Tel : 07732 584890
Vice Captain : Michael Oliver
Tel : 07989 677376
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age restrictions : no
Registered Players
player players name register date signature under 18
1 Krzysziof Kwiatkowski pre season yes  
2 Michael Oliver pre season yes  
3 John Goldyn pre season yes  
4 Daniel Bowell pre season yes  
5 Shane Ledger pre season yes  
6 Andrew Ismay pre season yes  
7 Gary Shaw pre season yes  
8 Morgan Mitchell pre season yes  
9 Andrew Diamantis pre season yes  
10 Phil Diamantis pre season yes  
11 Antoni Goldyn pre season yes  
12 Robert Smith pre season yes  
13 James Robert McIntosh pre season yes  
14 Daniel Oliver pre season yes  
15 Darren Valelly pre season yes  
16 Ilyaas Eedan pre season yes  
17 Chris Gurney pre season yes  
18 Daniel Dutton pre season yes  
19 Dave Atkins pre season yes  
20 Shaka Lewin 20-Jun yes  
21 Dean Kelly 01-Jul yes  
22 Ben Coyle 22-Jul yes  
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This Season's Fixtures and Results
Date Home Team Pts Pts Away Team Result
Jun 11 New Parkgate Hotel 5 v 3 St Finbarrs lost
Jun 25 St Finbarrs 6 v 2 Royal Warwicks won
Jul 02 Charterhouse Club 5 v 3 St Finbarrs lost
Jul 16 St Finbarrs 4 v 4 Cherry Tree draw
Jul 23 Wheatsheaf 'B' 3 v 5 St Finbarrs won
Jul 30 St Finbarrs   v   Coach & Horses  
Aug 13 St Finbarrs 5 v 3 Pilot won
Sep 03 Four Provinces 3 v 5 St Finbarrs won
Sep 10 Jaguar Daimler   v   St Finbarrs  
Sep 24 St Finbarrs   v   Four Provinces  
Oct 01 Dunlop   v   St Finbarrs  
Oct 29 St Finbarrs   v   New Parkgate Hotel  
Nov 05 Royal Warwicks   v   St Finbarrs  
Nov 19 St Finbarrs   v   Charterhouse Club  
Dec 03 Cherry Tree   v   St Finbarrs  
Dec 10 St Finbarrs   v   Wheatsheaf 'B'  
Jan 07 Coach & Horses   v   St Finbarrs  
Jan 14 Pilot   v   St Finbarrs  
Jan 28 St Finbarrs   v   Four Provinces  
Feb 04 St Finbarrs   v   Jaguar Daimler  
Feb 25 Four Provinces   v   St Finbarrs  
Mar 18 St Finbarrs   v   Dunlop