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The Old Crown pool team at
The Old Crown
89 Windmill Rd
Coventry CV6 7AT
West Midlands
Manager : Maggie
Tel : 07762 479120
Team Captain : Geoff Alcock
Tel : 07483 807855
Vice Captain : Dayle Hennedy
Tel : 07368 242392
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age restrictions : none
Registered Players
player players name register date signature under 18
1 Geoff Alcock pre season yes  
2 Dayle Hennedy pre season yes  
3 Dillon Heer pre season yes  
4 Michaela Fuller pre season yes  
5 Patrick Reid pre season yes  
6 Ramesh Heer pre season yes  
7 John Williams pre season yes  
8 Margaret Whyte pre season yes  
9 Mark Szyndler pre season yes  
10 Jamie Walton pre season yes  
11 Danny Naylor pre season yes  
12 Martin Bould pre season yes  
13 Kyle Napier pre season yes 17
14 Jamie Trigg pre season yes  
15 Bodie Connolly pre season yes  
16 Karl Moore pre season yes  
17 Leroy Jones pre season yes  
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This Season's Fixtures and Results
Date Home Team Pts Pts Away Team Result
Jun 11 Old Crown 7 v 1 Gosford Arms won
Jun 25 Four Provinces 2 v 6 Old Crown won
Jul 02 Old Crown 2 v 6 Old Red Horse lost
Jul 16 Jaguar Daimler   v   Old Crown  
Jul 23 Old Crown   v   Dunlop  
Jul 30 St Finbarrs   v   Old Crown  
Aug 13 Old Crown   v   New Parkgate Hotel  
Sep 03 Cherry Tree   v   Old Crown  
Sep 10 Old Crown   v   Royal Warwicks  
Sep 24 Old Crown   v   Charterhouse Club  
Oct 01 Wheatsheaf 'B'   v   Old Crown  
Oct 29 Gosford Arms   v   Old Crown  
Nov 05 Old Crown   v   Four Provinces  
Nov 19 Old Red Horse   v   Old Crown  
Dec 03 Old Crown   v   Jaguar Daimler  
Dec 10 Dunlop   v   Old Crown  
Jan 07 Old Crown   v   St Finbarrs  
Jan 14 New Parkgate Hotel   v   Old Crown  
Jan 28 Old Crown   v   Cherry Tree  
Feb 04 Royal Warwicks   v   Old Crown  
Feb 25 Charterhouse Club   v   Old Crown  
Mar 18 Old Crown   v   Wheatsheaf 'B'