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The Walsgrave WMC pool team at
Walsgrave Working Mens Club
146 Woodway Lane
Coventry CV2 2EJ
West Midlands
Tel : 024 7660 4201
Team Captain : Ricky Fletcher
Tel : 07722 914036
Vice Captain : Pete Payne
Tel : 07970 874486
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age restrictions : no info given
Whhelchair Friendly? : no info given
Registered Players
player players name register date signature under 18
1 Paul Fletcher pre season yes  
2 John O'Donnell pre season yes  
3 Mark Wood pre season yes  
4 Graham Keith pre season yes  
5 Bailey Keith pre season yes  
6 Pete Payne pre season yes  
7 Pat C ??? pre season yes  
8 Josh Keith pre season yes  
9 Ricky Fletcher pre season yes  
10 Lewis Martin pre season yes  
11 Chris Fletcher pre season yes  
12 S Doyle pre season yes  
13 Craig Doyle pre season yes  
14 Kenny Jones pre season yes  
15 Gavin Jones 09-Sep-2019 yes  
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This Season's Fixtures & Results
Date Home Team Pts Pts Away Team Result
Jun 10 Bye       Walsgrave WMC Bye
Jun 17 Walsgrave WMC 4 v 4 St Finbarrs D
Jun 24 Four Provinces 2 v 6 Walsgrave WMC W
Jul 08 Walsgrave WMC 7 v 1 Rose & Woodbine W
Jul 15 Dunlop 3 v 5 Walsgrave WMC W
Jul 22 Walsgrave WMC 6 v 2 Jaguar Daimler W
Aug 12 Walsgrave WMC 7 v 1 Charterhouse W
Sep 02 Four Provinces 'B' 2 v 6 Walsgrave WMC W
Sep 09 Royal Warwicks 3 v 5 Walsgrave WMC W
Sep 23 Walsgrave WMC   v   Four Provinces 'B'  
Sep 30 RNB Grill   v   Walsgrave WMC  
Oct 28 Walsgrave WMC       Bye Bye
Nov 04 St Finbarrs   v   Walsgrave WMC  
Nov 11 Walsgrave WMC   v   Four Provinces  
Dec 02 Rose & Woodbine   v   Walsgrave WMC  
Dec 09 Walsgrave WMC   v   Dunlop  
Jan 06 Jaguar Daimler   v   Walsgrave WMC  
Jan 13 Charterhouse   v   Walsgrave WMC  
Jan 27 Walsgrave WMC   v   Four Provinces 'B'  
Feb 03 Walsgrave WMC   v   Royal Warwicks  
Feb 24 Four Provinces 'B'   v   Walsgrave WMC  
Mar 16 Walsgrave WMC   v   RNB Grill