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The Berkswell Legion pool team at
Berkswell and District Royal British Legion
316 Station Road, Balsall Common
Coventry CV7 7EF
West Midlands
Manager :
Tel : 01676 533462
Team Captain : Liam White
Tel : 07970 062074
Vice Captain : Jean Brassington
Tel : 07871 048545
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age restrictions : no
Registered Players
player players name register date signature under 18
1 Liam White pre season yes  
2 Jean Brassington pre season yes  
3 Elliot Hedgley pre season yes  
4 Stephen Robertson pre season yes  
5 Nick Ward pre season yes  
6 Shawn Haywood pre season yes  
7 Dave Stockwin pre season yes  
8 Mick Newcombe pre season yes  
9 Levi Newcombe pre season yes  
10 Carl Spencer pre season yes  
11 Alex Spencer pre season yes  
12 Les Boyle pre season yes  
13 David Jordan pre season yes  
14 Matt Paxton- pre season yes  
15 Philip Lowe pre season yes  
16 Michael Hannigan pre season yes  
17 Oliver Robinson pre season yes  
18 Graham Deegan pre season yes  
19 Geoff Waller pre season yes  
20 Daniel Tully pre season yes  
21 Sam Green pre season yes  
22 Carl Veasey pre season yes  
23 Andrew Lowe 12-Jun yes  
24 Tom Casserly 30-Jul yes  
25 Chris Ginn 23-Jul yes  
26 Martin Duckworth 05-Aug yes  
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This Season's Fixtures and Results
Date Home Team Pts Pts Away Team Result
Jun 11 Bishopsgate Club Select 3 v 5 Berkswell Legion lost
Jun 25 Berkswell Legion 5 v 3 Railway won
Jul 02 Alvis Club 4 v 4 Berkswell Legion draw
Jul 16 Berkswell Legion 5 v 3 Stag & Pheasant won
Jul 23 New Spires 2 v 6 Berkswell Legion won
Jul 30 Berkswell Legion 4 v 4 Indian CC draw
Aug 13 ICC Bungalow 3 v 5 Berkswell Legion won
Sep 03 Berkswell Legion 3 v 5 Newlands lost
Sep 10 Riley's 8 Ball   v   Berkswell Legion  
Sep 24 Signal Box   v   Berkswell Legion  
Oct 01 Berkswell Legion   v   Rainbow Inn 'A'  
Oct 29 Berkswell Legion   v   Bishopsgate Club Select  
Nov 05 Railway   v   Berkswell Legion  
Nov 19 Berkswell Legion   v   Alvis Club  
Dec 03 Stag & Pheasant   v   Berkswell Legion  
Dec 10 Berkswell Legion   v   New Spires  
Jan 07 Indian CC   v   Berkswell Legion  
Jan 14 Berkswell Legion   v   ICC Bungalow  
Jan 28 Newlands   v   Berkswell Legion  
Feb 04 Berkswell Legion   v   Riley's 8 Ball  
Feb 25 Berkswell Legion   v   Signal Box  
Mar 18 Rainbow Inn 'A'   v   Berkswell Legion