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Photos Courtesy of Derek Harrison

Finals Weekend Review - May 2011

2010/11 proved to be a difficult season, with a total of eight teams folding between September and January. In all honesty, it's a credit to the rest of you that the number wasn't much higher, as I know a large number of you struggled for players on a regular basis, some of you turning up two or three players short on more than one occasion. Although a further two teams have folded since the end of the season, and I have my doubts about another three starting next month, I can confirm that at least eight new teams will be joining us for the 2011/12 season.

At the AGM held in May 2010, the push to change to World Rules was overturned by some margin, but the proposal to change the 'break' rule to one more suiting an attacking style of play was voted in. No other significant changes were introduced, other than the hefty penalties we started to impose against those teams who see fit to cancel fixtures at the last minute, or worse still, just don't bother turning up at all. Whilst the number of these was still high at 38, it was at least down on the previous year's total of 50.


The only other change at the May 2010 AGM that's worthy of mention here was to pull the AGM forward to April of each year to allow sufficient time for teams to become accustomed to any rule changes prior to the start of the new season.

The April 2011 AGM proved to be another lengthy one, and for that I apologise, although we weren't helped by the antics of a number of people on the floor - you know who you are!

After four years of loyal service to the league, your Players Rep, George Toms, stood down from his position on the Committee. George has served the league well since joining in May 2007, and I'm sure you'll all join me in thanking him for all his help and support in that time.

Andy Picknell
City Pool League Secretary

team p w d l f a dif pts
Craftsman 'A' 22 18 2 2 127 46 81 56
Reds 'A' 22 16 2 4 105 71 34 50
Hen Lane Social 22 14 2 6 101 72 29 44
Reds Select 22 12 5 5 99 74 25 41
Reds X 22 10 5 7 92 84 8 35
Hastings 22 9 2 11 89 87 2 29
Wheatsheaf 22 8 5 9 86 90 -4 29
Royal Warwicks 22 6 5 11 75 101 -26 23
Spencer Club 22 6 4 12 74 102 -28 22
Maudsley 22 4 5 13 69 107 -38 17
Bishopsgate 'A' 22 4 4 14 71 102 -31 15
Lime Tree 'A' 22 3 3 16 62 114 -52 12
The Craftsman 'A' successfully defended their 2009/10 crown, and made it a hat trick of Premier Division titles for the second time in ten years, although did have to work for it this year after last year's unbeaten run saw them finish 14 points clear. Paul Quinn's squad managed to stretch their unbeaten league run to 30 matches, before Reds Select beat them in September to inflict their first league defeat since January 1999!

Reds 'A' took the runners-up spot for the second successive year, finishing 6 points behind the Craffy. The City Centre side, led by Dean Davies, were the only other team to beat the Craftsman 'A', with the 5-3 win making amends for the 8-0 drubbing handed out to them at the beginning of the season. That win in November sparked the start of an eight game win streak for Deano's squad, and he's confident they can challenge for the title next year after strengthening his team during the season.

The Hen Lane Social had an excellent first season in the top flight, finishing 6 points further back in third. John Coyle's side enjoyed their own win streak at the end of the season, taking maximum points from their last five matches, culminating in a win over Reds 'A', which in turn gave them the achievement of being the only side to do the double over Deano's team.

Like the Craftsman 'A', Reds Select haven't been beaten in 2011, and that form was enough to see them take fourth spot, 3 points behind the Hen Lane, and reversing last year's finishing positions with Reds X, who finished 6 points further back. Another 6 point gap found the Hastings with the same points tally as last year, and in the same finishing position as twelve months ago. Just 6 frames separated them from the Wheatsheaf, who avoided the relegation battle this year, and yet another 6 point gap found the Royal Warwicks, who in turn finished a single point in front of the Spencer Club, who could have done so much better had they picked up more than a point in their last six matches.

The Peeping Tom moved to the Bell during the closed season, but ended up moving again to first the Poachers Retreat, then the Maudsley during the next five months. They had an awful season after last year's third place finish, and whether it was the change in venues or the lost personnel, or possibly both, this time they found themselves at the wrong end of the table in the thick of the relegation fight.

At the turn of the year just 2 points separated the three teams at the foot of the table, with the Maudsley a point in front of the Bishopsgate 'A', who were in turn a point clear of the Lime Tree 'A', although the Bish did have a game in hand of the other two. All three had a disastrous run-in, with the Lime Tree 'A' faring the worst, as they managed to scrape just a single point from their last six matches, and are automatically relegated to Division One after a five year stint in the top flight.

The Bishopsgate 'A' picked up three points from the same six matches, whilst the Maudsley were marginally better, thankful that their only win since November came against the Lime Tree 'A'.

With just their catch up game left, it was the Bishopsgate 'A' who found themselves fighting for their Premier Division survival for a second consecutive year, with the Maudsley just 2 points in front of them in the playoff spot. As the match against Reds X got under way, the on looking Maudsley players could only shake their heads in disbelief as an elated Bishopsgate 'A' squad took a 4-0 lead, needing just one more frame to guarantee their safety. The home side then went into complete meltdown, and a catastrophic batting collapse saw them lose the remaining four frames, to condemn them back to Division One after a two year absence.

The Maudsley meanwhile, have been given a stay of execution, and will have to beat Rileys No SQ today if they want to avoid the same fate.

Maudslay 5 v 3 Riley's No SQ
team p w d l f a dif pts
Rileys 20 13 4 3 99 61 38 43
Brandon Club 20 12 3 5 90 67 23 39
Rileys No SQ 20 8 6 6 84 76 8 30
Old Crown 'A' - WR 20 8 6 6 83 77 6 30
Alvis Club 20 8 5 7 81 79 2 29
Rose and Woodbine 'B' 20 7 6 7 78 81 -3 27
Brooklands 20 7 5 8 83 77 6 26
Craftsman 'B' 20 5 7 8 75 85 -10 22
Rileys Rehab 20 5 6 9 72 88 -16 21
City Supporters 20 4 6 10 69 87 -18 18
Charterhouse 20 4 4 12 62 98 -36 16

Jamie White led his newly formed Rileys side to Division One glory with consummate ease. The Hertford Street side led the field by 7 points at the half way stage, and despite losing three of the last five matches they played, they still won the title by a comfortable 4 point margin.

Taking the runners-up spot were the Brandon Club, who themselves finished a proverbial distance in front of their nearest challengers. Mick Payne's side improved four places on last season's finish to take the second automatic promotion spot, and whilst not quite good enough to take the title, they did finish a convincing 9 points clear of the chasing pack. Just a single point covered the three teams in that pack, with frame difference alone separating Derek Harrison's Rileys No SQ side from the Old Crown 'A', with the Alvis Club just the point back in fifth place. The former took the playoff place courtesy of the Old Crown 'A's 6-2 defeat at the hands of the Craftsman 'B' in catch-up week, which dropped the Windmill Road side from third to fourth, but was still a marked improvement on last season's ninth place finish.

The Alvis Club had an indifferent season, but finished it well, winning five of their last seven matches, and will have been happy with their finishing position after a two year exile in Division Two. The Rose and Woodbine 'B' finished 2 points further back, and they in turn finished a point in front of the Brooklands. The latter have come a long way since winning Division Six just three years ago, and their march to the top flight may well have been realised if they'd won more than one of their last seven matches.

A 4 point gap found the Craftsman 'B' occupying the same spot they'd filled last year, a point in front of Rileys Rehab who took the final position guaranteed Division One pool next season. The third Hertford Place side in the division looked destined for a quick return to Division Two, but with four of their five wins coming in the last seven game weeks, they did enough to pull themselves out of the relegation zone.

The only team that had any chance of ruining the party were the City Supporters, but with them forfeiting their catch-up week match against the Brandon Club, it was they that found themselves in the playoff place, and should have been playing the Phantom Coach this afternoon.

Unfortunately the Freehold Street squad have folded since the end of the season, giving the Phantom Coach a walkover. With the Premier Club folding mid-November, the only team to be automatically relegated were the Charterhouse. Not even a final week win against the Brooklands, their first since early November, could save the Terry Road squad, although they still came agonisingly close, and just one more win would have made all the difference.

Phantom Coach walk over City Supporters
team p w d l f a dif pts
Rileys Reprobates 20 14 2 4 100 60 40 44
Hastings 1066 20 11 7 2 98 62 36 40
Phantom Coach 20 11 4 5 89 70 19 37
Coachmakers Select 20 9 8 3 91 69 22 35
Foleshill Ex- 20 10 5 5 85 74 11 35
Bell Enders 20 7 6 7 77 82 -5 26
Bishopsgate 'Select' 20 6 5 9 77 82 -5 23
Albany Social 20 6 3 11 68 92 -24 21
Parkstone Club 20 4 8 8 72 88 -16 20
Nugget 20 4 4 12 68 92 -24 16
Railway 20 1 2 17 53 107 -54 5

Rileys Reprobates lifted their second successive title, and their third in five years, as they took the Division Two crown. As they showed when winning Division Three last year, the Far Gosford Street squad don't like to do things the easy way though, and at the turn of the year they were sitting third, 3 points behind the Phantom Coach, and a further 4 points behind the Hastings 1066, although they did have a game in hand against each of them, their cause not helped by losing to both teams in the previous two game weeks.

Once again, Michael Meaney urged his team on, and they won their last six matches to snatch the title at the death, finishing 4 points clear of the Hastings 1066 who filled the runners-up spot. Paul May's squad had looked 'nailed on' for the title as they entered the home straight, but four draws in their last four matches put paid to their title hopes. The Clay Lane outfit should take great heart though from being the only team to do the double over Rileys Reprobates, and more importantly, only lost two games all season, both of them way back in July.

The Phantom Coach had to settle for third spot after taking just 2 points from their last four matches, finishing 3 points outside the automatic promotion places. The old Herald side, now led by Austin Gibbons, should have been playing the City Supporters in one of today's playoffs, but with the latter folding since the end of the season, the Phantom Coach are awarded a walkover, and will enjoy Division One pool next season after all.

A 2 point gap to fourth saw only frame difference separating the Coachmakers Select and the Foleshill Ex- as they pressed for the playoff place, but bouts of drawitis cost both teams dear, with the former drawing three of their last four matches, and the later drawing two from three.

The Bell Enders, the Bishopsgate Select, and the Albany Social filled the mid-table positions, with the former finishing a distant 9 points behind the Foleshill Ex-. The Bish and the Albany had both been relegated from Division One at the end of last season, and the later must have feared the worst again after losing their opening three matches of the season, but eventually started picking up points, ultimately finishing a single point in front of the Parkstone Club, who filled the final guaranteed Division Two spot. The Foleshill Road outfit had an awful second half of the season, drawing six matches, and losing the other four, but their first half form was enough to keep them up, for another season at least

The Nugget filled the playoff place, finishing 4 points behind the Parkstone, and will have to fight for their Division Two status for the second successive season. A final week win over the Railway was their only win in the second half of the season, and it was only the Railway's dire form this season that kept the Nugget out of the automatic relegation places.The Coundon Green squad dug deep to win last years playoff, and will have to repeat that form if they're to get past the Royal Hotel in another of today's playoffs.

The Railway were relegated for the second time in three years after they had a terrible season, picking up just 5 points, with their only win coming at the beginning of July against the division runners-up. They were the only team to face automatic relegation after the Canley Sports and Social folded in the second half of the if they want to avoid the same fate.

Royal Hotel 5 v 1 Nugget
team p w d l f a dif pts
Signal Box 20 12 5 3 94 66 28 41
Daimler Green C/C 20 10 8 2 97 63 34 38
Royal Hotel 20 11 4 5 91 69 22 37
Old Crown 'B' - WR 20 9 6 5 87 73 14 33
City Howitzers 20 7 5 8 76 84 -8 26
Rocket 20 6 6 8 81 79 2 24
Vauxhall Club 20 7 3 10 73 87 -14 24
Rose & Woodbine 20 5 7 8 72 88 -16 22
New Inn 20 6 4 10 68 92 -24 22
Old Red Horse 20 5 3 12 68 92 -24 18
The Arches 20 3 7 10 73 87 -14 16

After a nervous last few weeks, Signal Box were crowned the new Division Three champions, and will return to Division Two next season after a three year exile.

At the turn of the year, Cormac Mulhern's squad held a 6 point advantage over their nearest challengers, the Royal Hotel, after a twelve match unbeaten run early in the season. As they entered the final game week, that lead had dwindled to just 1 point following a three week run without a win, and they then had to wait until catch-up week after their final game was unavoidably postponed by the Arches.

When the Daimler Green Community Centre beat the Royal Hotel in their final match of the season, they leapfrogged both the Royal, and Kings, and meant nothing short of a draw was going to give Cormac's side the title they craved. The Blackberry Lane team didn't let their captain down as they recorded a 5-3 win over the Arches to climb back to the top of the division, in the end finishing 3 points clear of the Daimler Green C.C., who took the runners-up spot.

Adam Taylor's side have done well since lifting the Division Seven crown just three short years ago, and an impressive run saw them lose just one of their last fifteen matches. Unfortunately for them, that loss was against Signal Box and was to prove decisive, although their eight draws didn't do their cause any favours.

With a week to go, the Royal Hotel had put themselves firmly in the title hunt, with Craig Meikle's side securing four wins from five, but that final week loss to the Daimler Green C.C. cost them the runners-up spot, as they finished just a point behind the Radford crew. Last year's Division Four champions will now have to beat the Nugget this afternoon if they want to enjoy promotion for a second successive season.

After finishing just a point behind the Royal last year, the Old Crown 'B' had a good first season in Division Three, mainly thanks to picking up maximum points during a seven match spell mid-season. Although they finished 4 points off the pace, they were a very healthy 7 points clear of the rest, headed by the City Howitzers, who improved one place and 1 point on last season's finish, despite losing six of their last eight matches. They finished 2 points in front of the Rocket, and the Vauxhall Club, with just frame difference separating the pair.

In a case of déjà vu, they also finished 2 points in front of the next two teams home, with frame difference again the only thing separating the Rose and Woodbine and the New Inn.

The Old Red Horse had avoided the playoffs last season by the skin of their teeth, with a final week win saving them. They weren't so lucky this year, as another final week win wasn't enough this time, with the loss of three of their previous four matches proving too costly.

The Barras Green side finished 4 points adrift of the New Inn, and will have to beat the Canley Sports and Social if they want to preserve their Division Three status for another season.

After the Royal Oak folded mid-season, the only team to be automatically relegated were the Arches, possibly reflecting on setting their aspirations too high after joining the league. That said, the Spon End side only lost one of their last four matches, and actually finished with a better frame difference than the three teams immediately above them

Canley Sports & Social 5 v 2 Old Red Horse
team p w d l f a dif pts
Rileys Smileys 21 17 2 2 109 59 50 53
Brooklands 'B' 22 12 4 6 93 80 13 40
Canley Sports 22 11 3 8 92 84 8 36
Foresters 22 9 7 6 98 76 22 34
Radford Social 22 10 3 9 87 86 1 33
Barras Social Club 22 8 5 9 83 93 -10 29
Christ the King 22 7 6 9 83 90 -7 27
Craven Arms 'B' - WL 22 8 2 12 86 90 -4 26
Spencers Retreat 22 4 10 8 79 96 -17 22
3 Horseshoes Eagles 21 5 7 9 78 90 -12 21
Old Ball Hotel 20 7 3 10 67 83 -16 19
Grapes 22 4 4 14 74 102 -28 16

Last year, Rileys Smileys took the Division Five crown by a single point, but this year was a whole different ball game as they blitzed through their opposition to take the Division Four title without breaking sweat. With this season's second biggest winning margin, Daz Fursdon's squad set the tone with an eight week win streak in the first half of the season, and had the title wrapped up well before the end of the season, eventually coming home 13 clear of the runners-up.

Mark Tucker showed that a change really is as good as a rest, as his Brooklands 'B' squad doubled their win tally from last year after a move from the New Spires. A disappointing first half saw them pick up just three wins, but they soon stormed up the table with a seven week win streak in the second half.

The Canley Sports and Social finished 4 points behind the Brookies in the playoff spot, the same position they'd occupied in Division Five last season. Kev Jones moved his squad back to their old haunt after a season and a half at the Newlands, and they too had a good win streak of their own, winning eight matches on the bounce before Kev broke his cue! That almost cost them dearly, as they only picked up a single point from their next four matches, but a final week win at the Craven Arms 'B' gave them the 3 points they needed to secure third spot. You can be sure they'll be fired up as they face the Old Red Horse this afternoon.

The Foresters missed out on the playoffs by 2 points, taking fourth spot for a second successive season. The Raglan Street squad had started the season well with an unbeaten run of five matches, but three losses from four at the back end of the season proved to be too costly.

The Radford Social finished a point behind the Foresters after losing their final two matches, but were 4 points clear of the Barras Social Club. The Coventry Street side had an indifferent season, and in a bizarre two week period, went from beating Rileys Smileys 5-3, to losing 8-0 to the Foresters!

A two point gap found last year's Division Five runners-up, Christ the King, just a point separating them from the Craven Arms 'B'. Like the Barras, Christ the King had a bizarre few weeks late in season, when a 7-1 thumping of Rileys Smileys was followed by three consecutive losses.

The Craven Arms, meanwhile, had a typical game of two halves. They won five of their first seven matches in an excellent first half, whilst the second half saw them lose their last five matches. The Spencers Retreat finished 4 points adrift of the Craven Arms, and a tight relegation fight saw just 3 points covering the three teams involved.

The Butts Retreat had an excellent season in 2009/10, finishing a very close third, but came down to earth with a bump last Finals Weekend after being thumped in the playoffs by the Rose and Woodbine. They went the first six weeks of the new season without a win, losing three of those matches, and looked like real relegation fodder as they neared the business end of the season.

After the Butts Retreat closed just before Christmas, a move to the Spencer Club seemed to spark them into life, and just the one loss in their last eight matches was good enough for them to avoid the drop, although it was their final week win over the Radford Social that ultimately secured their Division Four survival.

Not so lucky were the Three Horseshoes Eagles who finished a point behind in the playoff spot, despite only losing two of their last seven matches. They'll have to beat the league's other Craven Arms squad if they want to enjoy a third season in the same division, which is more than can be said of the Old Ball Hotel who finished a point behind them. The Ball Hill side narrowly avoided relegation last term, but weren't so lucky this year, as a string of late cancellations and void matches took their toll, and not even three wins from their last four matches was enough to save them.

Finishing bottom of the division were the Grapes. They'd started the season well with three wins from five, but with just one more win all season their fate was sealed.

Craven Arms CS 5 v 4 Three Horseshoes Eagles
team p w d l f a dif pts
Walsgrave 18 11 6 1 96 48 48 39
Weavers Arms 17 11 2 4 81 48 33 35
Craven Arms - CS 18 8 7 3 78 66 12 31
Binley PMC 18 9 3 6 75 66 9 30
Broad St RFC 'B' 18 7 8 3 78 66 12 29
RAOB 18 5 6 7 73 68 5 21
Rose and Crown 18 6 3 9 60 80 -20 19
Pilot 17 5 2 10 54 77 -23 17
The Bell 17 3 5 9 56 80 -24 14
Masseys 17 1 2 14 38 90 -52 -2

After being relegated from Division Four last season, the Walsgrave bounced straight back by taking top spot in Division Five. After opening up with a win and three draws, Anthony Shurey's side were beaten by the Binley PMC in mid-August, but then went undefeated for the rest of the season. That unbeaten run of thirteen matches culminated in back to back 8-0 drubbings in their final two matches, with the squad clearly enjoying having a permanent home after moving between three different venues last season.

The Weavers Arms took the runners-up spot, and will take another stab at Division Four after a two year absence. Doubles partners Kev O'Sullivan and Kieron Farrell took turns at being captain during the season, and their team only lost one of their last seven matches, but still finished 4 points behind in the runners-up spot, their two losses to the new champions not doing their cause any favours.

Just 2 points covered the next three teams, with the Craven Arms heading the trio. They finished in the playoff spot, 4 points behind the Weavers Arms, and will have to beat the Three Horseshoes Eagles this afternoon if they are to gain promotion for a second successive season.

The Craven Street side went through three captains during the course of the season, and current captain Neil Strong took his side on an unbeaten run of their own after he took over mid-November. That run lasted for eight matches, but was brought to an end in the final week by the Weavers Arms, which confirmed the latter's automatic promotion spot. Despite their unbeaten run, the Craven Arms only finished a point in front of the Binley PMC, thanks to the latter's dire form in the second half of the season.

The Grange Avenue side had enjoyed good wins over the Weavers Arms, and the Walsgrave early in the season, and led the field by 3 points at the halfway point, but threw it all away in the last three months of the season by losing half of their last eight matches.

Another side pushing for promotion were the Broad Street RFC 'B'. They only finished a point behind the Binley PMC, with one too many draws costing them dear, but did finish a long way clear of the rest of the field. Like the Walsgrave, the Broad Street also ended the season on an unbeaten run that stretched back twelve matches, and by bizarre coincidence, they too were beaten by the Binley PMC in the week prior to the start of that run.

Unlike the Craven Arms, and the Binley PMC, the other side promoted from Division Six, the RAOB, had a difficult season, and finished a whole 8 points off the pace. The Foleshill squad lost three of their last four matches, but still managed to finish 2 points in front of the Rose and Crown, despite the latter doing the exact opposite in only losing one of their last four matches.

That said, the Walsgrave Road side did have a mid-season blip where they went six matches without picking up a single point. 2 points further back, the Pilot had a difficult first season in the league. After an opening week loss to Masseys, they went the next 5 games undefeated, but the second half was a completely different story, where they lost seven of their nine matches. It remains to be seen what will happen to the team following the pub's recent closure.

The Bell finished 3 points behind the Pilot, and also had a difficult season, their second in Division Five. The Keresley side didn't record a win until late September, and will have to improve on that if they want to avoid a trip back to Division Six. After the Rowleys and the Red Squirrels both folded in October, there were no automatic relegation places.

The only team in any danger of relegation is Masseys.They started well, with a win over the Pilot, but that was their only win of the season, and they finished 16 points adrift of the rest of the division. The Broad Lane outfit haven't even managed a draw since July, and will have to show significant improvement if they are to get past the Lime Tree 'B' today, and avoid a quick return to Division Six.

Lime Tree 'B' 5 v 0 Masseys
team p w d l f a dif pts
Elephant & Castle 18 16 2 0 108 33 75 50
SQ Club 17 8 8 1 81 55 26 32
Lime Tree 'B' 18 7 6 5 74 70 4 27
Rileys Riff Raff 18 5 8 5 73 71 2 23
New Spires 18 5 6 7 69 75 -6 21
Bird in Hand 18 5 5 8 69 73 -4 20
Gosford Arms 18 5 5 8 64 80 -16 20
Rileys Refugees 18 5 3 10 59 85 -26 18
Painted Lady 17 3 7 7 59 77 -18 16
Walsgrave WMC 16 2 4 10 43 80 -37 5

If the Craven Arms romped to victory last year when they won Division Six by a 13 point margin, then I'm not sure what words I should use to describe the way that the Elephant and Castle decimated the field on their way to lifting this year's Division Six crown. Simon Drage led his team on a season long unbeaten run, and were the only team in the league to achieve the feat this season. They won double the number of games as their nearest challenger, winning all bar two of them, and finished a staggering 18 points clear of the SQ Club.

I can't remember the last time we saw such a large winning margin, if ever, and the result's even more remarkable given the two bye's in the division. A truly outstanding achievement Simon, well done.

Steve Mapes led the SQ Club to the runners-up spot with an unbeaten run of their own. Their only 'loss' all season was due to a match card irregularity, and whilst they finished a distance behind the champions, they were the only team to take points off them all season, as it was they that the Elephant and Castle drew against twice. In fact, they would have finished much closer had they not drawn the same number of games as they won.

The Lime Tree 'B' finished 5 points behind the SQ Club in the playoff spot, and will be looking at their second successive promotion if they beat Masseys this afternoon. Danny White's side beat Rileys Refugees in the final game week to clinch the playoff spot, but made doubly sure by beating the Gosford Arms 8-0 in catch up week. That was the third 8-0 that the Lime Tree were involved in during the season, it's just a shame that the other two were defeats at the hands of the Elephant and Castle.

Rileys Riff Raff had finished at the wrong end of the table last season, but put that form well and truly behind them by taking fourth spot, 4 points behind the Lime Tree. Their push for promotion was well and truly dented when they lost three of their last four matches. The New Spires finished 2 points further back, and they in turn finished just a single point in front of the Bird in Hand and the Gosford Arms. It was only frame difference that could separate the Bird from the Gosford, the rest of their stats identical.

Rileys Refugees finished at the wrong end of the table after lifting the Division Seven crown last season, They may have only finished two points behind the Gosford, but their end of season form of four losses from five is nothing less than relegation material, and they'll have to improve next season if they want to avoid the drop back to division seven.

The Painted Lady took the final place guaranteed Division Six pool next season, finishing a massive 11 points clear of the Walsgrave Working Mens Club. The latter only picked up 1 point in the second half of the season, although weren't helped by their late cancellation and void matches. As the Cedars Blue and the Stag and Pheasant folding mid-season, there were no automatic relegation places this year.

Kings walk over Walsgrave WMC
team p w d l f a dif pts
Three Horseshoes 19 15 3 1 99 49 50 46
Royal Warwicks 'B' 19 11 5 3 94 55 39 38
Kings 19 9 2 8 79 64 15 29
Jaguar Social Club 19 8 7 4 78 69 9 29
Rileys Stars 20 9 2 9 79 75 4 29
Rocketeers 19 7 6 6 78 68 10 22
Coombe Abbey Inn 18 7 5 6 66 68 -2 22
Convoy 20 4 7 9 73 87 -14 19
Hub 20 6 3 11 60 86 -26 14
Old Crown - AGR 18 3 6 9 48 79 -31 5
Rileys Admirals 19 1 4 14 43 97 -54 1

The Three Horseshoes lifted this year's Division Seven crown by a comfortable 8 point margin. The Foleshill Road squad had been removed from Division Six last year after missing too many away matches, and rejoined after this season had started, where they found themselves in Division Seven. Ash Singhal's side had an excellent season, and managed to get to the final match of the season before they suffered their first, and only defeat, to Rileys Stars, by coincidence captained by his son, Abhinay.

Adam Pasik's Royal Warwicks 'B' side showed improved form to take the runners-up spot, the seven match unbeaten run they'd enjoyed in the second half of the season helping their push for promotion no end. They too held a comfortable cushion between themselves and the team closest to them, with 9 points the difference between second and third places.

Taking that third place, and the playoff spot, were Kings. Harry Nijjar's squad had missed out on the playoffs last year by just frame difference, and this year could have been even worse, as this time it was only frame difference separating third, fourth, and fifth places. In an up and down season, Kings opened up with an 8-0 win, had a bad spell mid-season where they lost five out of six matches, and then finished the season well with a six match unbeaten run, although two of those 'wins' were awarded to them when first the Coombe Abbey Inn, then Rileys Admirals, both cancelled late on match night. In the end though, it was their final week 7-1 win over the Jaguar Social Club that pushed them into third spot, with the latter moving the opposite way into fourth spot

The Jag had had consecutive 8-0 wins early in the season, and also enjoyed a seven match unbeaten spell in the second half, but it was that final week loss to Kings that was to prove their undoing. Rileys Stars finished the season with five wins from six, they too benefiting from two 'wins' by default, with the Hub and the Old Crown the guilty parties this time. Things may have oh so different though, if only they hadn't suffered an 8-0 defeat against Kings in their opening match of the season.

Finishing 7 points behind the promotion chasing trio were league newcomers, the Rocketeers, and the Coombe Abbey Inn, with frame difference again the only thing separating the pair. The former had started the season well with three wins from their first four matches, but the enthusiasm of the Nuneaton players dwindled as the season went on, and they seldom fielded a full squad. The latter, meanwhile, didn't do themselves any favours with two void matches, and two late cancellations during the season.

After a bad start to the season that saw them lose four of their first five matches, the Convoy finished the season 3 points behind the Coombe, although they were at least the only team in the division to actually play all of their scheduled matches

The Hub finished 4 points further down the table after losing five of their last seven matches, but at least they finished on double figures, unlike the two remaining teams in the division, the Old Crown, and Rileys Admirals. The former lost the final four fixtures they played, although would have closed the 9 point gap between them and the Hub if they hadn't picked up an astonishing 10 penalty points during the season.

At the foot of the league, Rileys Admirals didn't win a single match all season, with the only 'win' recorded the result of a late cancellation by the Hub.

"Reds Pool and Snooker Club sponsored the Singles competition for a fifth successive year, and all of the quarter-finalists of our Blue Riband event deserved a round of applause for reaching the final stages of a competition that started with 276 entrants. It remained to be seen though, which one of these talented players would lift the Steve Ferguson memorial trophy, and earn the right to be called the Best player in Coventry"
Last 16 Quarter finals
Semi Finals
Adam Prewett won v lost tbc
tbc lost v won Dave Neary
Adam Prewett 4 v 3 Dave Neary
"The Bob Rushton memorial, was again hosted, and sponsored, by Reds Pool and Snooker Club, with the sponsors hosting the 'last 16' stage. Just short of 200 entrants had started the competition, and by the end of the night we'd whittled that number down to our four Finals Weekend semi-finalists"
Last 16 Quarter finals
Semi Finals
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Glenn Dunn
Chris McDermott
won v lost tbc
tbc lost v won Alex Pyatt
Kristi Caulfield
Glenn Dunn
Chris McDermott
4 v 1 Alex Pyatt
Kristi Caulfield
"This year's Knock-out Cup will be decided between three teams from the top flight, and one from Division Five, with two former winners, and two first time semi-finalists"
Quarter finals
Semi Finals
Four time winners the Craftsman 'A' take on the Royal Warwicks in today's first semi-final. details coming soon
Craftsman 'A' won v lost Royal Warwicks
Our second semi-final is a real David and Goliath battle, as Division Five's the Broad Street RFC 'B' takes on the might of the three time winners Reds Select. details coming soon
Broad Street RFC 'B' lost v won Reds 'Select'
details coming soon
Craftsman 'A' 5 v 0 Reds 'Select'
"Once again we found a Premier Division side left in the competition, and a very strong one at that. Sadly, this year's semi-finals were tarnished by a 'no show', but nonetheless, no matter who lifted the crown at tomorrow's final, they'd have their name engraved on the trophy for the first time"
Last 16 Quarter finals
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Semi Finals
The semi-final saw the Division Three's Vauxhall Club taking on the might of the Premier Division's Reds 'A'.

The Vauxhall took an early 3-1 lead against the visitors, before the gap was closed to 4-3. After a nervy final frame with plenty of chances for both players, the home side erupted as their landlady sank the black to record a 5-3 win. Unfortunately, a match card irregularity resulted in one of the frames being awarded to the visitors, and a deciding frame was eventually played some weeks later.
Vauxhall Club 5 v 3 Reds 'A'
In the second semi-final, new Division Two champions, Rileys Reprobates, should have been facing Division Seven newcomers, the Rocketeers, but with the later having confirmed their non-attendance, the Far Gosford Street side got a walkover into the final.
Rileys Reprobates wo v - Rocketeers
details coming soon
Reds 'A' 5 v 1 Rileys Reprobates
"Now in its sixth year, the Challenge Cup is only open to teams in Divisions Four through to Seven, and this year twenty three of them found themselves eligible to play. In the end, this year's title will be decided between three teams from Division Four, and one from Division Six"
1st Round 2nd Round Quarter-Finals
Semi Finals
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Barras Social Club won v lost Bird in Hand
Christ the King lost v won Brooklands 'B'
details coming soon
Barras Social Club 5 v 3 Brooklands 'B'
"The Champion of Champions brings together the previous years League and Cup winners, to determine who really is the best team out there. The team that's answered that question for the last eight years has been the Craftsman 'A'"
1st Round Quarter-Finals
Semi Finals
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Craftsman 'A' won v lost Craven Arms -CS
Rileys Smileys lost v won Hen Lane Social
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Craftsman 'A' 5 v 1 Hen Lane Social
"All our end of season subsidiary competitions were again kindly sponsored by Reds Pool and Snooker Club. In the first of this year's competitions, the lowest turnout for nine years saw just twenty four captains or vice captains competing to lift this year's crown"
Semi Finals
Unfortunately for Glenn Dunn, his luck was about to run out, and his semi-final clash against Jon McAllister was over in the blink of an eye. Jon broke the first frame, and Glenn’s first shot was to pot the black. He didn’t fare much better in the second frame, as after he broke, Jon dished, and booked his place in the final in what turned out to be his easiest match of the night.
Jon McAllister 2 v 0 Glenn Dunn
Billy won the opening frame, in which both players had chances to win. 

The second frame was a very different story though, and was controlled throughout by the Hastings wild card entry, and Billy went on to secure his fourth straight frames win on his way to the final.
Billy White 0 v 2 Dean Davies
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Jon McAllister 3 v 2 Dean Davies
"After a disappointing turnout the week before, it was encouraging to see a good turnout of thirty four players competing in the Aggregate knock-out, the second of the five subsidiary competitions sponsored by Reds Pool and Snooker Club"
Semi Finals
To book his place in a second final in successive weeks, Jon would really have to be on his ‘A’ game against Martin in their semi-final clash.

When Martin snookered Jon on his final yellow in their opening frame, Jon did indeed step up to the mark, and played a great shot, using the corner pocket to get out of the snooker and pot his final ball. Unfortunately for him, he fluffed the pot on the black into the middle bag, and Martin didn’t give him a second chance. 

Things didn’t improve for Jon in the second frame as he gifted Martin two shots, and Corner wrapped up a two-nil win to book his place in tomorrow’s final, his first for eight years.
Martin Kirby 2 v 0 Jon Mcallister
Billy won the opening frame, in which both players had chances to win. 

The second frame was a very different story though, and was controlled throughout by the Hastings wild card entry, and Billy went on to secure his fourth straight frames win on his way to the final.
Billy White 2 v 0 Kristi Caulfield
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Martin Kirby 3 v 0 Billy White
"Two years ago, nine of our elderly comrades contested the first ever Over 50's knock-out, and double that number turned up last year. In contrast to our other subsidiary competitions, this years entrants increased again, and twenty 'old timers' turned out at the sponsors, Reds Pool and Snooker Club, eager to be crowned this years Over 50's Champion"
Semi Finals
The semi-final was a repeat of the last year’s semi-final, where Mick had beaten Russ two-nil. The clash wasn’t to be the only repeat, as Mick booked his place in tomorrow’s final without dropping a single frame in the three matches he played.
Mick Adams 2 v 0 Russ Blinco
Derek hadn’t dropped a frame en route to the semi-final, whilst each of Keith’s matches so far gone the distance. In fact, only six of the nights other seventeen matches had gone to the wire, with Keith accounting for a third of them. 

Derek helped Keith increase that percentage by taking their semi-final to a deciding frame, and it was again Keith who took the honours, as his place in the final was confirmed with a two-one win.
Derek Harrison 1 v 2 Keith Bryden
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Mick Adams 3 v 0 Keith Bryden
"The Charity Speedpool challenge was started nine years ago as a way to break up the tension on the day, with four teams invited to compete for the £100 prize in aid of the charity of their choice.

Following increased interest in recent years, and the fact that our annual finals are now held over two days, eight teams were invited to take part.

Whilst it's about having a bit of fun in the middle of a very busy schedule, you can be sure that every one of the eight teams involved were aiming to lift the trophy in the Final, and the £100 prize. Whoever wins though, the ultimate winner is always a deserving charity.

In the last nine years we've seen just three winners of the speedpool challenge, with the Craftsman 'A' Originals heading the list with five wins. The other winners, Reds 'A' (three times), and Reds Select (once), were also in attendance today, so we had some decent entertainment"

The eight teams, and their worthy causes, were as follows:-
Craftsman 'A' Originals - Myton Hospice
Kev Farrelly, Keith Thompson, John Dempsey,
Glenn Dunn and Paul Quinn
Craftsman 'A' Select - Myton Hospice
Stan Makh, Chris McDermott, Mick Adams,
Callumn Mulhern and Dave Walkingshaw
League Select - Birmingham Children's Hospital
Roger Clarke chose his team from the best players
available on the day
Reds 'A' - CLIC Sargent
Dean Davies, Adam Prewett, Craig Sturmey and Roger Charles
Reds Select - Breast Cancer
Martin Kirby, Connor Treacy, Roy Pontefract,
Simon Curry and Martin Groves
Rileys - St Christopher's Playgroup
Luke Hart, Tom McLean, Tom Burke, Josh Kane and Jamie White
Rileys Reprobates - Age UK
Vic Makh, Vivek Makh, Surge Tamne, Satty Brar and Gurps Sehmi
Royal Warwicks - Help for Heroes
Jon McAllister, Carl Pinder, Ben Rodgers and Paul Thomas
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Reds 'A' n/a Craftsman 'A' Originals
"Reds Pool and Snooker Club again kindly sponsored the Ladies knock-out, which this year saw just nine entrants after last years record turnout of fourteen. The nine ladies keen to lift this year's title included six of last year's participants, among them the defending champion.

However, as the night unfolded, it became clear that tomorrow would see the crowning of a new Ladies Singles Champion., and a new name etched into the record books"
Semi Finals
In the second semi-final, Joe put one foot in the final after taking the opening frame against Tara, only to see Tara pull level after taking the second. In the deciding frame, Joe threw away her chance of a place in the final, after potting the cue ball at the same time as per penultimate yellow. Tara didn't need a second invitation, and duly cleared the table without the need for the two shots she'd been gifted, and in so doing, booked her place in the final for the second time in four years.
Tara Meadows 2 v 1 Joe Faulkner
In the first semi-final, Sharon hung her penultimate red with the frame at her mercy, but got a second bite of the cherry after Ruth failed to capitalise. With Ruth's final yellow hanging over the pocket, Sharon kept her nerve to finish well under pressure.

The writing was on the wall in the second frame as Ruth potted the cue ball on the break. Sharon duly potted five yellows to put herself in the driving seat, and later went on to win the frame, as she booked her place in tomorrow's final with another confident finish.
Ruth Venn 0 v 2 Sharon Poulton
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Tara Meadows 3 v 0 Sharon Poulton
"Here in it's fifth year, just twelve of the City's talented youths turned out at Reds for this years Under 18's knock-out heats, although seven of them were first time entrants"
Semi Finals
In the semi-final between Ryan and Jon, it was Jon’s ‘Steady Eddie’ style of play that was rewarded, although Ryan was unlucky not to take the first frame. As he cued up his final yellow, Jon still had a full compliment of balls left, but as Ryan missed the all important pot on the yellow, Jon’s snooker behind his many reds resulted in two shots and he went on to finish the frame. Jon went on to take the second frame as well, and booked his place in the final for the third time in as many years
Jon McAllister 2 v 0 Ryan Mandara
The first semi-final between Josh and Raj was a one sided affair as the Rileys player booked his place in the final with two nicely controlled finishes to record his second straight frames win of the night.
Raj Padam 0 v 2 Josh Kane
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Jon McAllister 3 v 2 Josh Kane