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It is always nice to see new faces making it through to Finals Day, and it is a testament to the quality in depth we enjoy to see teams from outside the top divisions making it through in Cup competitions, and also in the Singles.

The Doubles last eight are totally different from the players here last year. It just goes to show that anyone can if they give it their best shot. The quality we have also shines through in the final league standings. Two divisions could not be separated and three more were only decided on frame difference.

Tightly matched play can only be good news for our league and also for the County and National teams that our players proudly represent, indeed congratulations are due to Glenn Dunn from the Craftsman 'A' and League Chairman Jamie Connolly who were part of the England team crowned World Champions last August.

BAPTO takes over

It was agreed at the last AGM that Wednesday night pool would be given over to a different set of rules. As far as I am aware the City Pool League is unique in the rules we still play under on a Monday night. With the committed players experiencing other rules it was felt desirable to run BAPTO rules on Wednesdays.

The general feeling is that it is worthwhile, with most teams having minimal problems adapting. The Wednesday Cup sees John Herbert's Coombe Abbey 'A' side take on the team bent on pool domination, the Transport Club. A walkover victory against the Shoulder of Mutton followed by a Following last year's successful debut at the Bishopsgate, we would like to thank Mal, Maureen and all the staff for welcoming us back to this grand arena which allows you not only the space to play, but also to support.

Thanks are due to Mick Dicks and his crew from Tablesport who have once again provided us with the tables and maintaining a long tradition of support to the City Pool League. Also due a mention are the hardy souls who have volunteered to stay on their feet for most of the day to referee your games and ensure fair play by all. Without any of the above Finals Day could not hope to run smoothly.

And now the time has come. The team talks are over, the cues have been cleaned and chalked. With the curtain coming up over Finals Day 2001-2002 all that remains for me is to wish all of today's competitors the best of luck.

Yours in Sport

Neil Bodger
City Pool League Secretary

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Monday Premier Division
Team p w l d f a dif pts
Craftsman 'A' 14 11 1 2 75 37 38 24
Suzy Q Select 14 12 2 0 75 37 38 24
Transport 14 6 5 3 64 48 16 15
Suzy Q  14 5 6 3 53 59 -6 13
Coombe Abbey 'B' 14 6 7 1 53 59 -6 13
Craftsman 'B' 14 4 7 3 52 60 -8 11
The Burcroft 14 4 8 2 53 59 -6 10
The Grange 14 0 12 2 23 89 -66 2
For the first time that anyone can remember the Premier Division finished in a tie. After seven months and fourteen games Paul Quinn's Craftsman 'A' team could not be separated on points or frame difference from Martin Harvey's Suzy Q 'Select' side. As a result a play off was required. A no show from the Hertford Place squad handed the title to the side from Rotherham Road, regaining the title they'd lost last season. Leading the chase for third spot were the Transport Club, the Cambridge Street side just nudging ahead of the rest as just five points covered the next five places. The second team from Hertford Place, Terry Buckley's Suzy Q team tied with John Herberts Coombe Abbey Inn, just ahead of the other Craftsman outfit. Having moved from the Hastings in the close season Arnie Sangha's Burcroft side finished comfortably clear of bottom placed team The Grange, one of only three teams to finish the season without a win.
Monday Division One
Team p w l d f a dif pts
Shire Horse 14 7 3 4 63 49 14 18
Wallace 14 7 3 4 60 52 8 18
Wheatsheaf 'C' 14 7 4 3 63 49 14 17
Alvis Club 14 7 5 2 56 56 0 16
Bishopsgate Select 14 5 4 5 57 55 2 15
Charterhouse 'B' 14 5 8 1 53 59 -6 11
Old Red Horse 14 3 8 3 50 62 -12 9
Cherry Tree 14 2 8 4 46 66 -20 8
Division One was almost as close, just ten points covered the entire division! Sneaking a victory on frame difference alone the Shire Horse complete their rise back to the top flight. Neal Bordley's Wallace Wanderers were the unlucky team, just six frames being the difference after fourteen games. The top four sides all recorded seven wins over the course of the season, the extra draw achieved by the Wheatsheaf 'C' giving them the edge over the Alvis Club for the third spot. With the divisional structure changing next term these twelve sides should give a strong and varied Premier Division. Leading the chase for the first division will be the Bishopsgate 'Select' and Charterhouse squads, with both sides looking to secure the extra wins required to top the table. Doubtless the Old Red Horse and Cherry Tree will have something to say about it though!
Monday Division Two
Team p w l d f a dif pts
Railway 12 7 2 3 58 38 20 17
Wheatsheaf 'A' 12 6 1 5 58 38 20 17
Suzy Q 'C' 12 6 3 3 54 42 12 15
Fletch 'B' 12 5 3 4 52 44 8 14
Masseys 12 5 6 1 48 48 0 11
Parkstone 12 2 6 4 46 50 -4 8
Aldemoor 12 0 10 2 20 76 -56 2
And it happened twice! Division Two also required a play off as The Railway and Wheatsheaf 'A' sides could not be split either. After both league matches finished as draws it was always going to be a tight affair. Played at the Coombe Abbey, Balsall Common's Railway stormed into a four - one lead only to be pegged back first by captain Kash Lal, then by probably the League's youngest player, Kristy Caulfield surviving a more experienced Old Crown 'A'. The other Lentons Lane side were the top side of four who all finished on the same number of points and required frame difference to split them. The Motor Hotel came next. The Dorset Road side ended their first season in a respectable position, with sixteen points from their eighteen games, just ahead of the Vale, who were hindered by ever changing players and lack of match card results. Mind you, they still finished above the Cornerpost, albeit by just two frames. The Three Tuns and the Greyhound rounded off the division, the latter starting part way through.
Monday Division Three
Team p w l d f a dif pts
The Bell 14 10 1 3 71 41 30 23
Barras Social 14 7 4 3 66 46 20 17
Suzy Q 'Bar' 14 6 3 5 61 51 10 17
Whitmore 14 6 5 3 56 56 0 15
Premier Club 'A' 14 4 4 6 53 59 -6 14
Hub 14 5 6 3 57 55 2 13
Elephant & Castle 14 1 8 5 46 66 -20 7
Painted Lady 14 0 8 6 38 74 -36 6
Only one team managed a more convincing win than the Bell. Andy Picknell led his side to just one defeat all season, and a winnig margin of six points to capture the Division Three title. Again the second spot was decided on frame difference, as Malk Heir's Barras Social squad just edged out the fourth side from Suzy Q, Matt Dowall reflecting on one draw too many. The Whitmore edged out the Premier Club, Jamie Connolly's new side lamenting a loss at the Sadler Road venue. Neil Robinson's Hub ended just one point adrift, but comfortably ahead of the Elephant and Castle. Shift work and other factors led to an unsettled Painted Lady, which John Ingram hopes to rectify in the forthcoming season.
Monday Division Four
Team p w l d f a dif pts
Lime Tree 'A' 14 6 3 5 63 49 14 17
Potters Green 14 7 4 3 59 53 6 17
Hawthorn Tree 14 7 5 2 65 47 18 16
Fletch 'A' 14 6 6 2 58 54 4 14
Rocket 'B' 14 5 5 4 53 59 -6 14
Foleshill Social Club 14 4 5 5 58 54 4 13
Roseycombe 14 3 5 6 51 61 -10 12
Coombe Abbey 'A' 14 4 9 1 41 71 -30 9
Just when you thought things were going to get clearer, Division Four decided to join the party, with just eight frames between Chris White's Lime Tree 'A' side and Mark Prestwich's Potters Green, and the Hawthorn Tree just a point behind the top two. It was to prove another tight division overall, as both the Fletch 'A' and Rocket teams finished on fourteen points, too many draws in the second half of the season hampering the Warwick side who had led for much of the season. Dean Kirkman's Foleshill Social Club were another side affected by work patterns, whilst the Roseycombe were put off when the pool table was sold almost from under their cues at the end of the season! The Coombe 'A' side rounded off the table, although they were just eight points sores off than the top two.
Monday Division Five
Team p w l d f a dif pts
King Edward 14 10 2 2 75 37 38 22
Premier Club 'B' 14 8 4 2 64 48 16 18
Old Crown - W'mill Rd 14 5 2 7 61 51 10 17
Golden Eagle 14 5 5 4 56 56 0 14
Vauxhall Club 14 5 6 3 57 55 2 13
Crow in the Oak 'B' 14 5 8 1 44 68 -24 11
Bear and Staff 14 4 9 1 41 71 -30 9
Plough 14 3 9 2 50 62 -12 8
Division Five was a little more decisive. League newcomers the King Edward Club did themselves proud with a four point margin over the Premier Club 'B' side, George Toms' side having moved from the Rowleys Green WMC to avoid a clash with the darts team. Two of Coventry's top snooker players, Mark White and Vic Makh couldn't propel the Old Crown on Windmill Road to a top two finish, but a good cup run meant that their season wasn't wasted. Foleshill Road's Golden Eagle survived a difficult year to finish just above the Vauxhall Club. Having won their division with a 100% record last season, Rob McVey's Crow in the Oak 'B' side found life a lot harder in a higher division, but their young side will be around for many a year yet and will surely develop into a top side, as most are under 18! The Bear and Staff were hampered by travelling problems, and their final position doesn't do them justice. Under new leadership for the new term don't be surprised to see them improve. Andrew Hopkins' Plough side are another team that will feel they underachieved this year. Another unsettled side will be looking for more consistency in the games to come.
Monday Division Six
Team p w l d f a dif pts
Brooklands 14 11 0 3 83 29 54 25
White Horse 'A' 14 7 2 5 69 43 26 19
Rileys 14 7 7 3 43 69 -26 17
Foleshill Ex- 14 6 5 3 62 50 12 15
Herald 'A' 14 5 5 4 56 56 0 14
Gosford Arms 14 6 6 2 55 57 -2 14
Herald 'B' 14 4 5 5 59 53 6 13
Masseys 'B' 14 1 12 1 21 91 -70 3
It was another new team that raced to victory in Division Six. Vince Cahill's Brooklands side finished a convincing six points ahead of the White Horse 'A' side. If they continue at the pace they set off at they will soon be challenging for honours at the highest level. More widely known for it's American tables, Rileys also have three English pool tables and put them to good use to claim a confidant third spot. A change of manager mid season didn't appear to hamper their push for honours, two losses to the White Horse outfit proving decisive. Having been the victims of teams not turning up last year, both Herald teams found themselves in the same division this year, The 'A' team coming out on top of the inter-house rivalry, just one point apart, but two places, split by the Gosford Arms, who moved from the Beer Engine mid-season after the pub changed hands. The second team from the Massey Ferguson Club on Banner Lane brought up the rear. A late entrant to the campaign the experience will do them good as they move through the seasons.
Monday Division Seven
Team p w l d f a dif pts
Broad Street RFC 14 11 2 1 75 37 38 23
Old Dyers Arms 14 10 3 1 70 42 28 21
Coachmakers 14 7 3 4 62 50 12 18
Shakespeare 14 4 6 4 58 54 4 12
Ad. Codrington 14 3 6 5 52 60 -8 11
Tollgate 14 3 3 5 45 67 -22 11
Longford Engine 14 1 6 7 43 69 -26 9
Jeff's Place 14 1 8 5 43 69 -26 7
The top three sides in Division Seven finished well clear of the chasing pack. Henley Road's Broad St. RFC claimed top spot, six wins from seven away fixtures proving that being at home isn't always an advantage! The Old Dyers Arms grabbed the runners-up spot by three points from the Coachmakers, the Spon End side losing just one home fixture. The bottom half of the table was a lot tighter, the Shakespeare leading the way followed closely by the Admiral Codrington and the Tollgate, both sides being upset during the course of the year by personnel changes. The table was completed by the Longford Engine and Jeff's Place, both teams struggling to a solitary win all year.
Monday Division Eight
Team p w l d f a dif pts
Hastings 'A' 14 9 2 3 71 41 30 21
Canley Sports  14 7 3 4 65 47 18 18
Old Crown 14 6 3 5 59 51 8 17
Lime Tree 'B' 14 7 5 2 59 53 6 16
White Horse 'B' 14 3 5 6 52 60 -8 12
Rose & W’bine 'B' 14 4 7 3 52 60 -8 11
Stag and Pheasant 14 4 9 1 42 67 -25 9
Crow in the Oak 'A' 14 3 9 2 45 66 -21 8
It appears new management can make a difference to a pub as well as football! The Hastings 'A' side claimed Division Eight from newcomers the Canley Sports Club. Both sides had good seasons, as did the second Old Crown on the League's records, The Lentons Lane version holding their own to finish just one point behind the Canley side. Danny White took his Lime Tree 'B' side into fourth, four points ahead of the second White Horse team. North Street's Rose and Woodbine were a further point adrift with the Stag and Pheasant and near neighbours the Crow in the Oak 'A' bringing up the rear.
Monday Division Nine
Team p w l d f a dif pts
Hastings 'B' 14 14 0 0 81 31 50 28
Lockhurst Tavern 14 9 3 2 62 50 12 20
Silver Sword 14 7 5 2 63 49 14 16
Horse and Jockey 14 6 7 1 59 53 6 13
Three Tuns 14 5 8 1 48 64 -16 11
Binley PMC 14 4 8 2 49 63 -14 10
Royal Warwicks 14 2 9 3 42 70 -28 7
Royal Hotel 'Ladies' 14 2 9 3 44 68 -24 7
Division Nine saw the only 100% record in the League. Gaz Millich taking his side to the largest winning margin this term. The Lockhurst Tavern rescued the runners-up spot, a new team following Keith Forbes' sides of previous years. Another new team, the Silver Sword in the city centre finished just ahead of Corley's Horse and Jockey, with another centre squad, the Three Tuns, just behind them. Another team suffering from player and management changes were the Binley PMC, whilst metting venue the Royal Warwickshire are another young team who will learn from their experiences and hopefully come back stronger in future seasons. A special mention must be made for the strongerst team in Coventry. Although no longer a strictly Ladies only team, the Royal Hotel continue to put out a team despite their lack of success. To all those who struggle, look on them as an example: you don't need to win to have a good night out!
Coventry Singles
1st Round 2nd Round 3rd Round
Quarter Finals
To win the Steve Ferguson Memorial Trophy a player needs to be at their best. The Blue Riband of the City Pool League has had many winners, each one talented and able to 'turn it on' when required. Only a couple of people have managed the feat twice, never has it been done three times.

If he wants to be the first Jamie Connolly is going to have to do it the hard way. Having dispatched Suzy Q 'C' player Matt Weirs in straight frames in the last sixteen the 'Raggy Doll' finds himself pitted against good friend and former team-mate Kev Farrelly. 'Fuzz' had to be at his best to fend off England stalwart, and another friend, John Herbert in the previous round, again without having a black ball sunk against him. With both players capable of finishing from nowhere this is the pick of the quarter-finals.
Jamie Connolly v Kev Farrelly
Awaiting the winner will be either Scott Halcrow or Martin Groves. No doubt the Shire Horse will be out in force to support their man, Halcrow having put out one of the favourites in the form of Mick 'The Stick' Adams. In a match that went to the wire the Birmingham based policeman turned on the style to leave 'Stick' with a full compliment of balls to secure his appearance today. Suzy Q 'Select' are represented twice in this competition. First up is the experienced Martin Groves. Playing the Bishopsgate's Steve O'Loughlin in the last sixteen, Groves recovered from two one down to ensure another day out at Finals Day.
Scott Halcrow v Martin Groves
The bottom half of the draw features two newcomers to the City Pool League showpiece. First up is Graham Penzer from the Bell, who showed no nerves in the last sixteen, where he sent Suzy Q's Mick Pugh packing with a three one victory over his more experienced opponent. Standing between Penzer and a place in the semis is the second player from last seasons Premier Champions. Returning from World Rules pool, Martin Kirby has made an impact in our game. A confident three one victory over J Johnson should stand him in good stead for today's fixtures. The winner will face either a newcomer or a former champion.
Graham Penzer
v Martin Kirby
Having already seen off 1998 champion Roger Clarke, Wiltshire exile Rundle then dispatched another former holder Liam Farrell. Another player who has played more World Rules, Farrell fought back from two nil down before losing the all important fifth frame. Year 2000 champion John Dempsey will be trying to avoid being the hat-trick. Having put paid to Shire Horse skipper Ian Pollock in the quarter-final, also held at the Bishopsgate, by three frames to one, and being part of the recently crowned Premier champions, 'Demps' will be looking to his name back on the trophy dedicated to the memory of a former League Secretary.
Rundle L v W John Dempsey
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John Dempsey Won v Lost ?
Coventry Doubles
Heats and Semi Finals
Dedicated to a previous Secretary is the Doubles trophy. Bob Rushton always had a great affinity with this title, as it combines a single player's flair with the ability to put their partner in the driving seat. This season's last eight pairs are fighting for the right to add their names to an ideal that still holds strong today. All of the sixteen players here have experience of the top echelons of the City Pool League. So looking at the line up, any of the eight pairs have a good chance of lifting the trophy. I can only imagine Bob Rushton looking down and admiring the quality of the field fighting in his name.

Tom Evans and Adam Prewett from the Wallace Wanderers squeaked past C Joyce and R McInally by the odd frame in five in the last sixteen to set up a clash with Simon Curry and Steve Gough today. Arches Snooker Club owner Gough and partner Curry had a skightly easier time against Fletch 'A's Ian Currie and Paul White, dropping just the one frame on their way to victory. If either pair want to reach the final they'll have a tough battle ahead.

Tom Evans
Adam Prewett

v Simon Curry
Steve Gough
Awaiting will be either Glenn Dunn and Roger Clarke or Manj Thind and Kebs Chima. Composite pair Dunn and Clarke have been there and done that at almost every level and must be favourites to make the final. Having put out former champions, and Dunn's teammates, Paul Quinn and Keith Thompson in the previous round the combination of Craftsman 'A' and Elephant and Castle will fear no-one. The Grange pairing of Thind and Chima will be hoping to put a disappointing league campaign behind them, and having had a walk-over in the previous round after Transport Club pair Jim and Clive Finlay were unable to compete may think that this is their year.
Glenn Dunn
Roger Clarke
v Manj Thind
Kebs Chima
The bottom half of the draw sees four pairs that will all have their eye on the title, and the cash prize that goes with it. The only previous winners in the field, Dave Walkinshaw and Chris Bryan will be praying that nature doesn't intervene. Walkinshaw's wife is due to deliver their second child at any moment, so his mind may be elsewhere. To make matters worse they must face Jamie Connolly and John Herbert. Having sent last years runners-up packing in the previous round, the England and Warwickshire pair must have their tails up and will prove a match for anyone. Which ever pair get through will face an equally tough task to reach the final.
Dave Walkinshaw
Chris Bryan
v Jamie Connolly
John Herbert
Steve McKervey and Liam Farrell, who were fortunate enough to receive the second walk-over of the night when Wheatsheaf pair A and B Singh were unable to get together, will face Burcroft pair Mick Adams and Tony Tonner. The latter sneaked past Suzy Q 'Select' pair Roy Pontefract and Russ Blinco by the odd frame to book their place at today's shindig.blog here
Steve McKervey
Liam Farrell
W v L Mick Adams
Tony Tonner
blog here
Steve McKervey
Liam Farrell
W v L ?
Monday Knockout Cup
1st Round 2nd Round 3rd Round 4th Round Quarter finals
Heats and Semi Finals
At least it will be for one team. Terry Buckley will be hoping it's his Suzy Q team. Having defeated the Broad Street RFC in the quarter-finals they booked their second appearance today. Facing them first are fellow Premier Division team the Craftsman 'A'. Paul Quinn's side will be looking for a league and cup double having secured the league title last Monday. A convincing victory at the Bell made sure the Rotherham Road side would at least have a chance of achieving that feat.
Suzy Q Won v Lost Craftsman 'A'
The other semi pits John Herbert's Coombe Abbey 'B' side against the Transport Club. The Craven Street side put out the 'B' team from the Craftsman, whilst the Transport secured another appearance by defeating the Masseys 'A' So with half the Premier division represented the winner could come from any of the above.
Coombe Abbey 'B' v Transport Club
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Suzy Q Won v Lost ?
Alternative Cup
1st Round 2nd Round 3rd Round Quarter finals
Semi Finals
There are more divisions represented in these semi-finals. Arnie Sangha's Premier side Burcroft, having defeated the Elephant and Castle in the previous round, will take on Scott Baker's first division Old Red Horse, who defeated Mark Hoskins' Shakeapeare in the quarter-finals. One thing's for sure, they will face a team from Suzy Q in the final.
Burcroft v Old Red Horse
Baz Ludford will take his Division Two side into battle having defeated higher opposition in the form of the Shire Horse in previous round. Matt Dowall's 'Bar' side had to overcome a tricky tie away at the Old Crown Lentons Lane to book their place here today. As defending champions you can bet Dowall will have his troops fired up.
Suzy Q v Suzy Q Bar
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Champion of Champions
Semi Finals
The Champion of Champions title is lifted by the team that is the best of the previous season's League and Cup Winners.

Having won away in both previous ties, Chris White will lead his Lime Tree 'A' side onto a strange table with no fear. Facing them are the Barras Social Club. Malkit Heir's side made the most of their luck with a bye followed by a home victory over a severely weakened Wallace side.
Lime Tree 'A' v Barras Social Club
Awaiting one of those two sides in the final will be one of two Premier division teams. Having won last year's top title, Terry Buckley's Suzy Q team will want to add to the trophy cabinet. After victories at home to the Lime Tree 'B' and 'away' to Suzy Q 'Bar', without losing a frame to Matt Dowall's team, Buckley's boys must be confident.

Mind you Jim Finlay's Transport Club team must be on a high. Having defeated last year's Premier champions by the odd frame in nine, Clive Finlay proving the hero against Martin Kirby and with two semis and two finals to play, the team from Cambridge Street are in for a long day. Still I suppose it serves them right for thinking that they can win everything!
Suzy Q v Transport Club
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Transport Club Won v Lost ?
Monday Captain's Knockout
Heats and Semi Finals
A disappointing turnout saw just 17 people turn out for a free knock-out, designed to help those that help the committee.

Craftsman 'A' captain Dave Walkinshaw ensured his fifth appearance today with consecutive two - one victories over Premier Club 'A' leader Jamie Connolly and Vauxhall Club supreme Paul Savage, who had good victories against first of all Coombe Abbey B skipper John Herbert and then Bell representative Graham Penzer.

Facing him in the final is Shire Horse captain Ian Pollock. Having defeated Foleshill Social captain Dean Kirkman, Craftsman 'B' skipper Shaun Twissell soon followed, leaving just Jim Tranter from Masseys 'A' in his path. Despite his best efforts Tranter couldn't stop Pollock from reaching today's final.
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Dave Walkinshaw
Craftsman 'A'
v Ian Pollock
Shire Horse
Monday Aggregate Knockout
The Monday night aggregate had the best turn out of all the subsidiary competitions.
Heats and Semi Finals
The last eight saw Premier Club boss Jamie Connolly race to a two - nil win over Sukbinder Singh from the Foleshill Social Club.

The longest match of the night, if not the century!, saw James Meredith of the Railway take on Steve Bates. Ninety minutes later the Balsall Common player emerged victorious.

A pulsating semi-final saw a missed chance from Connolly punished to the extreme as Meredith emerged victorious.
Jamie Connolly
Premier Club
Lost v Won James Meredith
The other semi saw doubles partners Glenn Dunn and Roger Clarke take each other on. Having squeaked past Roger Charles of the Shire Horse in the previous round, Dunn must've fancied his chances.

Clarke had laid to rest the defeat in the singles by beating Suzy Q 'Bar' player Pete Rundle two - nil and was on a high.

With both players on a high, and knowing each other's games to a T, the first chance would surely prove decisive. And so it proved to be, as Dunn ran out a two - nil winner
Glenn Dunn 2 v 0 Roger Clarke
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James Meredith
Lost v Won Glenn Dunn
Charity Speedpool Challenge
This year saw something new for finals day. In an attempt to break up the day and give some light relief for the players, an invite charity speed pool challenge was introduced. Playing against another team four players must clear the table as quickly as possible. The invited teams, and their nominated charities were listed on the timetable.
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Craftsman 'A' n/a
Ladies Knockout
Ascot has one so why can't we. Kindly sponsored by the Cherry Tree the lady players get their own chance to lift some silverware. Eleven ladies turned up, each desperate to get their hands on the cash.
Heats and Semi Finals
Some excellent play saw Fletch 'B' player Tanya Payne gain the chance to retain her title. Comfortable victories over Sarah McLarnan from the host team and the Royal's Sylvia Clarke gave Tanya the chance to take on Anne-Marie Grainger from the Premier Club. Neither player has lost a frame, with Grainger seeing off the challenge of another player from the Royal in the form of Claire Coleman, and then Kelly Ellis of the Masseys 'B' side, a player who will surely lift this title before long.
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Tanya Payne
Fletch 'B'
Lost v Won Anne-Marie Grainger
Premier Club
Wednesday Division One
Team p w l f a dif pts
Coombe Abbey 'A' 15 12 3 81 24 57 24
Premier Club 'A'  15 12 3 73 32 41 24
Transport Club  15 12 3 67 38 29 24
Bishopsgate 15 10 5 62 43 19 20
Wheatsheaf 15 7 8 57 48 9 14
Weavers Arms 15 5 10 47 58 -11 10
Silver Sword 15 3 12 29 76 -47 6
Coombe Abbey 'B' 15 3 12 21 84 -63 6
Shoulder of Mutton 8 0 8 11 45 -34 0
How did we lose it? That's the question the Premier Club 'A' must be asking themselves. Needing to win their last two games, both away, they got off on the right foot. Having already beaten the Coombe Abbey 'A' at home by the odd frame, nothing less at the Craven Street venue would do. A gutsy performance, backed up by some good fortune, gave the Station St West side the nod by the same scoreline. The Coombe had now lost three, as had the Transport Club, the Premier Club just two. With John Herbert's side having completed their fixtures, and Jim Finlay's odds on to win their last game it was a crunch match for Jamie Connolly's men at the Bishopsgate. Somehow the God's conspired against them, with both Connolly and Neil Bodger missing gilt edged chances to wrap up the title, Dean Kirkman's men punishing their mistakes to claim a four three win.

And so it finished, with just frame difference splitting the top three. It was the second year on the trot that the Transport Club had missed out by that same ruling. The Bishopsgate grabbed fourth spot, ahead of the Wheatsheaf, whose side is being rebuilt after years of domination in the Wednesday league. Two newcomers filled the next places, the Weavers Arms and Silver Sword far from disgracing themselves in finishing above the defending champions, the Coombe Abbey 'B', who faced problems all season with players changing shift patterns and changing teams, and hence not being able to field the side that swept them to successive titles.
Wednesday Division Two
Team p w l f a dif pts
The Old Red Horse  18 17 1 103 23 80 34
Old Crown 'B' 18 13 5 66 60 6 26
Rose and Crown 18 12 6 75 51 24 24
Premier Club 'B'  18 10 8 75 51 24 20
Old Crown 'A' 18 8 10 63 61 2 16
The Motor Hotel 18 8 10 54 72 -18 16
The Vale 18 8 10 51 75 -24 16
Cornerpost 18 8 10 49 75 -26 16
Three Tuns 18 7 11 57 69 -12 14
Greyhound 18 3 15 35 91 -56 6
Disappointed at dropping down a division after last season's re-organisation, Sue Love ensured that her Old Red Horse side showed where they should've been. Just one loss all year, at home to the Motor Hotel, gave them an eight point victory margin over the Old Crown 'B'. It was a good performance from the newcomers from Lentons Lane. Next up were the Rose and Crown. The Walsgrave Road side looking to bounce back from relegation last term, again perhaps a touch unlucky to have suffered such a fate. Another new team, the Premier Club 'B' had a strong showing in fourth place, just ahead of the more experienced Old Crown 'A'. The other Lentons Lane side were the top side of four who all finished on the same number of points and required frame difference to split them. The Motor Hotel came next. The Dorset Road side ended their first season in a respectable position, with sixteen points from their eighteen games, just ahead of the Vale, who were hindered by ever changing players and lack of match card results. Mind you, they still finished above the Cornerpost, albeit by just two frames. The Three Tuns and the Greyhound rounded off the division, the latter starting part way through.
Wednesday Three Man Knockout
Semi Finals
With the defending champions going out in the preliminary round there is bound to be fresh winners of the Wednesday three man trophy.

The Coombe Abbey squad of John Herbert, Mick Adams. Dave Walkinshaw and Liam Farrell sped to a five - nil victory over the Old Red Horse.
John Herbert
Mick Adams
Dave Walkinshaw
and Liam Farrell

of Coombe Abbey
5 v 0 Old Red Horse
Awaiting them in the final are Tony Batch, Wayne Botton, Steve Lee and Luke Walker. The Transport Club side had a slightly harder time against a Premier Club threesome, going two - one down before a break clearance from Walker got them back on track, four straight frames taking them through to today's final
Premier Club 2 v 5 Tony Batch
Wayne Botton
Steve Lee
and Luke Walker

of Transport Club
blog here
John Herbert
Mick Adams
Dave Walkinshaw
and Liam Farrell

of Coombe Abbey 1
W v L Tony Batch
Wayne Botton
Steve Lee
and Luke Walker

of Transport Club
Wednesday Captains Knockout
Semi Finals
Just six people turned up for the Wednesday Captains Knock-out.

Jamie Connolly breezed past Neil Strong from the Old Red Horse without dropping a frame...
Jamie Connolly
Premier Club
3 v 0 Neil Strong
Old Red Horse
...whilst Jas Sidhu of the Wheatsheaf crawled past Dean Kirkman by the odd frame
Jas Sidhu
3 v 2 Dean Kirkman
Despite taking the first frame, Sidhu couldn't cope with Connolly and didn't trouble the scorers again.
Jas Sidhu
1 v 3 Jamie Connolly
Premier Club
Wednesday Aggregate Knockout
The Wednesday Aggregate saw seven people attempt to win the £50 provided by sponsors the Cherry Tree
Heats and Semi Finals
After going two - nil down Danny Brierley fought back against Clive Finlay from the Transport Club. It was bad luck that saw Finlay pot the black five balls too early to hand Briarley the game in the fifth frame.
Danny Brierley
Old Red Horse
3 v 2 Clive Finlay
Transport Club
Dave Walkinshaw struggled past Old Crown representative Dave Dewar by the odd frame, followed by...
Dave Walkingshaw
Craftsman 'A'
3 v 2 Dave Dewar
Old Crown
...Jamie Connolly who had raced past Mark Tiley Three - nil to meet "Pukka" in the semis.
Jamie Connolly
Premier Club
3 v 0 Mark Tiley
Facing the Old Red Horse player in the quarter-final was Surinder Singh, the Wheatsheaf man benefiting from the only bye. It didn't last long as Singh ran out a three - nil winner.
Danny Brierley
Old Red Horse
0 v 3 Surinder Singh
It wasn't to be "Raggy Doll"s day as "Pukka" claimed a three - one scoreline in the second quarter-final.
Dave Walkingshaw
Craftsman 'A'
3 v 1 Jamie Connolly
Premier Club
Dave Walkingshaw
Craftsman 'A'
W v L Surinder Singh
Wednesday Knockout Cup
Semi Finals
blog here
blog here
Coombe Abbey 'A' L v W Transport

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