Placeholder imageAnnual General Meeting

April 2023



1 - No proposed changes. The current Committee were voted in at the April 2022 AGM.

No proposals received.


Proposals have been received for the following :-

2 - General rules, Rule 8. Instead of tossing a coin at the start of the match to decide breaks, the break is instead decided by lag at the start of each frame. See Rule 4 of Blackball Rules for full details of the lagging procedure. Overruled.

3 - Currently, the early rounds of all Singles, and Doubles matches are 'best of 3'. It is proposed that these are changed to 'best of 5'. Carried.

4 - General rules, Rule 3. Change the start time of all matches from 8:30pm, to 8:00pm. Overruled.


5 - The accounts to March '23 are attached, and will be discussed during the AGM.


The follow items are for information only. They are not for voting on.

6 - We are currently looking at introducing the App based service "LeagueAppLive", potentially for the 23/24 season. Please visit for further details and demos, plus links to the many Leagues currently using the service.

The App has some fantastic features, such as Live scores, Instant League tables, Match results by frame, Player stats, etc., and eventually No match cards !

If we are satisfied that the App will not compromise the League financially, or reduce what we currently provide either through paperwork, or the website, then it will be brought in across the League as a whole, covering all events. At least the first season would be dual run with a reduced format match card, with just names and signatures.

7 - The Constitution, Rule 26(b). Currently, only the Finals of the Alternative Singles, and the Alternative Doubles are held at Finals Weekend. We are considering extending these to the semi- finals as well, although that is fully dependant upon us fitting them in to an already very busy schedule.

You may download a copy of this AGM here